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Jerod Mollenhauer

Jerod Mollenhauer


Hometown: Cedar Rapids

Current: Des Moines, IA

Originally from Cedar Rapids, IA, Jerod now lives in Des Moines. Jerod growing up with a father in the Iowa State Patrol, he and his family spent time in various towns throughout Iowa. Meeting new people and building relationships quickly became an important asset as his family moved from town to town. He credits his parents with instilling the importance of being fair, Jerod recognizes what it takes to make a team successful.

After college, he went on to develop an award-winning career focused on business development, marketing, and operations. Jerod’s experience in the insurance industry and as an Assistant VP of a large commercial insurance brokerage gives him a competitive advantage over other contractors. In his free time, Jerod loves spending time with his two daughters, watching live music, traveling, hunting, and participating in pretty much any competitive sport. But the thing that keeps Jerod on his toes the most is a good ping-pong volley. He even keeps a paddle in his truck at all times, just in case a chance to play pops up.

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