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Thanks for your interest in working with Recon Roofing & Construction!

We are excited at the opportunity to work with you! We are a rapidly growing company and we have several trusted crews that we keep busy every day. As our team grows, so does our workload. We are always open to having highly qualified, high quality, accountable, honest, and properly insured crews reaching out and getting on our list. Below is a form to learn more about your business to see if we are a good fit. Please read through everything below before filling out the form.

Our goal is to be the biggest and best in all the markets we serve. We have high expectations and will require you to do a few extra things, but we also provide more for you.

What you can expect from Recon:

Competitive Pay

We believe in paying you based on your skill. If you have tenured and available crews, after you prove your worth, we will compensate you better and give you more work.

Fast, direct deposit payments

Any approved invoices received before Mondays by 10am will be paid out on Friday.


We have a production team that manages scheduling, ordering, and getting materials to you rapidly - You wont have to talk to 10-15 different salespeople. One channel.

Superior Technology

We use a couple apps to schedule and inform you of work orders, and provide you and us with photos of the job (that dont need saved on your phone). We include check lists, contact info, start dates, etc...

Clear expectations

You will have a checklist, a specific work order, and once a job is complete, our production team will inspect and provide accountability for things that may have been missed.


We know you work your ass off out there and we want to make your lives better with clothing and apparel, use of our two equipters, catch - all system, and more!

What we need from you:


If something goes wrong or schedule changes, no worries. We just want to hear it from you before being informed by a homeowner. We will make a plan to get it fixed.


If anything changes throughout the process or you have questions please feel free to let one of our team members know and we will assist you.


Show up on time, do what you say you’re going to do, point out issues, know building code, manufacturers installation requirements, OSHA knowledge of safe working practices.

Focus on Customer’s experience

Be polite. Ask permission to access areas. Help move things away and/or back to the property. Dont start making loud noises until 8am.


Cover fragile bushes, flowers, decks, AC units, etc..., snap lines, straight cuts on rakes with starter, don't park in driveways, don't let debris blow away or hit decks, siding, etc...


Clean up trash and debris that is not yours even! Leave the property better than you found it.

Please fill out the form below. This will log you in our records and send a message to our production department. When we are ready to move forward with you, we will get in touch. This process eliminates a lot of interview questions and saves both of us time in the long run.